Coral Coast Water Pty Ltd
Coral Coast Water Rates & Charges

Coral Coast Water is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd, who supplies NON-POTABLE water to customers who wish to access water for commercial, stock and garden purposes.

Click Here to see rates and charges applicable to commercial customers.

Click Here to see rates and charges applicable to non-commercial customers.

Coral Coast Water forms are now available online; please select the required form and either print or save the document to your personal computer.

Coral Coast Water Forms For new customers

Information for CCW Customers - An informative brochure for customers wanting to apply for a Coral Coast Water connection.

Coral Coast Water Application Form - Use this form to apply for a Coral Coast Water connection.

CCW Pre-connection Checklist- A simple checklist of all the steps and requirements that have to be complied with before your connection is processed.

Coral Coast Water Forms For existing customers

Update customers details form CCW - Use this form if you have changed any of your contact details also if you would like to change you preferred contact details/method

CCW Bill review policy and procedure - We now have a bill review policy and procedure for customers to utilise if they feel an error has been made on their water bill.

Once you have completed your form you can return to Coral Coast Water by either of the below options.

Fax: 9941 4499

Mail: Coral Coast Water Po Box 5 Carnarvon WA, 6701

Email: Coral Coast Water

In person:
You can call into the GWC office located on 50 Boundary Road during office hours and lodge your completed from. Our current office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Payment methods

Currently you can pay water bills issued by Coral Coast Water by direct deposit into our bank account (details on our Tax Invoices); by Cheque; by cash. Unfortunately due to high bank fees we no longer offer payment by debit/credit card. There are currently no fees associated with these payment methods issued by Coral Coast Water Pty Ltd.

As a general rule Coral Coast Water Pty Ltd does not offer exemptions, discounts, rebates or concessions on its' water charges.

Free Services
All Coral Coast Water Pty Ltd's customers are entitled to the following services free of charge: services for account, payment and general enquiries for use by customers with hearing or speech impairment; interpreter services for account, payment and general enquiries; a large-print version of any of our publicly available documents. If you require any of the above listed services please contact the GWC Corporate Services Manager on 9941 4488 or call into 50 Boundary Road.

Power authorised to Gascoyne Water Co-Operative Ltd (the licensee) and obligations of Coral Coast Water P/L customers.

Certain powers of authority are granted to the licensee in order for them to supply a water service to your property. We are authorised to enter a place without consent, notice or warrant to read a meter connected to our water service works;

Customer's are required to maintain the area around the meter. Please Click Here to see more about maintaining access to the meter.

Coral Coast Water P/L may also under section 95(1)(b) of the Water Services Act 2012, cut off or reduce the rate of flow of a supply of water if the service charges remain unpaid for 30 days after they become due. Coral Coast Water P/L will notify a customer in writing prior to the water service being disconnected as part of their Debtor Procedure.

Planned and unplanned interruptions of water supply or other incidents may also affect the provision of water services. Where a planned interruption is scheduled Coral Coast Water P/L will notify the customer prior to the interruption informing them of the date, time and expected duration. It is imperative that customer's keep their contact details up-to-date so that we can notify them. The best and most efficient method of notification is SMS to your mobile, email or fax with 'snail' mail being the slowest method. Please see Julie at our front counter should you wish to update your details or email her on


If you have a complaint about Coral Coast Water P/L please email and a staff member of Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd will investigate your complaint. Complaints will be treated confidentially. You can also lodge a complaint by writing to us at PO BOX 5, Carnarvon WA 6701.