Customer Complaint Resolution
Customer Complaint Resolution

We value your input into our continued effort to improve our services provided to you and will do our best to resolve any complaints within 15 business days of you contacting us or advise you of the approximate time it will take to resolve your complaint.

You can review the following complaint guideline which outlines our complaints procedures by clicking here

How to Lodge a Complaint

There are a number of methods available for you to lodge a complaint with the Co-operative and they are as follows:

In person:
You can call into our office located at; 50 Boundary Road during office hours and lodge your complaint in writing or verbally with our administration staff. Our current office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 2:00 pm (unless arranged by appointment)

By Mail:
You can mail your complaint to:
Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd

By Fax:
You can fax your complaint to 9941 4499.

By Email:
You can email your complaint to:
Gascoyne Water Co-operative

Your complaint will be handled internally by the Gascoyne Water General Manager and may be referred to the Board of Directors depending on the circumstances and level of authority required to reach an agreement/solution Should you be of the opinion that you want your complaint escalated straight to the Board of Directors you must indicate this when you lodge your complaint.

Disputes Panel:

After you have given us the opportunity to resolve your complaint, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may refer your complaint to the member appointed disputes panel as outlined in the Rules (97 & 98). Lodge an application (written) stating that you would like your complaint to be referred to the Disputes Panel and send your application by mail/fax/email as per above details. The Company Secretary will receive your application and arrange for the Panel to form a Committee to discuss and come to an agreement as to their recommendation to the Board. Currently the Disputes Panel consists of Two Directors and and five Members who are not Directors.

Please ensure your application fulfils the criteria listed at 98.7. Please bear in mind the powers conveyed to the Disputes Panel are relative in that they make a recommendation to the Board but do not have the power to make the final decision/action/etc (See Rule 98.5). If you have any queries with relation to lodging an application for the Disputes Panel please do not hesitate to contact the Company Secretary Lisa Hodson on 9941 4488 or email note the Disputes Panel recourse is not available to Coral Coast Water P/L customers). The Disputes Panel participants elected at the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Members are as follows:

Al Holtham, Wayne Whitcroft, John Kearney, David Bumbak and Mark Bumbak. Two Directors will be appointed to the Disputes Panel by the Board should a Disputes Committee need to be formed to address a dispute. At every Annual General Meeting of members new participants on the Disputes Panel will be elected by members.