Northern Gascoyne River Borefield
Northern Gascoyne River Borefield (NBF)

Gascoyne Water has been conducting a staged development of a borefield on the northern side of the Gascoyne River. Initially the potential of the north side of the Gascoyne River was identified by the Western Australian Government with the aim to provide additional groundwater resources in support of the horticulture industry within the Carnarvon Irrigation District.

Government conducted an exploratory drilling and development program which saw the establishment of the Northern Gascoyne River Borfield (NBF) and this was achieved through the Department of Agriculture and Foods WA (DAFWA). On 31 January 2013 the Asset Transfer Deed was signed and sealed which effected the transfer to the Asset Custodian, Gascoyne Water Asset Mutual Co-operative Ltd (GWAMCO) of 13 production bores/16 monitoring bores constructed in 2010 and 28 monitoring bores constructed 2005/2006. GWAMCO own the NBF and under agreement, GWC operate the borefield on its' behalf. GWAMCO are licensed to extract/pump 2.78 Gigalitres/annum of groundwater from the borefield currently.

The GWAMCO identified that there was a short-fall of groundwater to grower needs and commenced a drilling program which coincided with a Government drilling program undertaken by DAFWA in November 2013/2014. The drilling program resulted in an additional four production bores identified as high yielding which were equipped by GWAMCO and brought on-line. This extra production assists GWC with meeting peak demand.

The current borefield is equipped with thirteen production bores now connected to the Horizon electricity powerline, and is capable of delivering approximately 166 L/second.

2015 Upgrade

In 2015 a full audit of the Northern Borefield was carried out by the then GWC Board which highlighted the need for various improvements to bring the borefield up to a higher standard than the 'temporary' Feeder main that was initially installed.

GWC and GWAMCO have carried out extensive works which include new scada/telemetry, new stainless steel headworks, lifting, relocating, repairing and re-burying the Feeder main. This was a large project which had to be completed in a short period of time in order to expedite the installation of the Gascoyne Food Bowl Initiative Feeder main.

Here are some pictures of the work that has been carried out as part of the 2015 upgrade.