Pipeline Project
Gascoyne Irrigation Pipeline Project

The installation of a new irrigation pipeline was completed by Contractor Pipe Fusions Australia (PFA) on 19 February 2012. The Hon.Bill Marmion MLA officially opened the new scheme on 13 April 2012 at a ceremony held at the viewing platform at the Nine Mile Bridge. (Gascoyne Water Directors pictured above at official opening)

Due to unforseen circumstances the Contractor, PFA, went into voluntary liquidation prior to the handover of the project. This necessitated the establishment of a Retention Fund (monies withheld by GWC from PFA) in order that security be provided for the contractual 24 month Defects /Warranty period. All Member metering services were commissioned in line with design parameters, with meter sizes determined by arable hectarage and with flow based on individual Member allocations being delivered in 120 days.

All Member services were cut over to the new mains from the old a-c delivery scheme by the middle of December 2012. The a-c mains have now been isolated and de-commissioned. Some issues have been identified since the new pipeline has come into service. The capacity of the new mains far exceeds that of the old system, this results in lower flow velocities in the new pipe and affects delivery head pressures.

The Town supply “gooseneck” at Brickhouse Pump Station requires at least nine metres of head pressure to operate, this can only be achieved by throttling back irrigation flow. Hydraulic modelling has helped in identifying some remedial measures which will assist in reducing pressure differences across the scheme.