Southern Bore Field (SBF)

As part of both Boards’ long term strategic goal “to be in charge of their own destiny” GWAMCO and GWC are both actively working towards the takeover of the Water Corporation’s Southern Bore Field (SBF).

Dr Doug McGhie from consultancy firm Science Matters has been contracted to develop a business case for the transfer of the SBF to GWAMCO. The Water Corporation is actively assisting Doug with the development of our case.

The primary objective for the takeover is to improve reliability of water delivery (both flow and pressure) to our members. The removal of the town water supply “gooseneck” from the irrigation mains will enable our new scheme to run unrestricted and improve head pressures at all meter offtakes.

In addition, the replacement of the SBF 600mm asbestos-cement pipeline with HDPE mains will also reduce the incidents of bursts and leaks that are currently experienced due to collar seal failures on the a-c line.

The takeover of the SBF also has major expenditure benefits to the Co-operatives as it will eliminate the high take or pay fixed cost component of Water Corporation’s water pricing.