Staff Details

Gascoyne Water Co-Operative Ltd have a small but conscientious team.

Eddie Smith - General Manager

Eddie grew up in Carnarvon and left for a period of approximately 20 years. He returned to Carnarvon in 2006 and worked for Horizon Power from 2008 - 2012 afterwhich he started his own Mechanical business. Eddie was appointed to the Acting CEO position in October 2016 which evolved into appointment as General Manager circa May 2017. Eddie is passionate about the Carnarvon Horticultural District being the owner of a Plantation on North River Road.

Lisa Hodson - Operations Manager

Lisa Hodson moved to Carnarvon in August 2010 with her husband and two daughters and commenced with GWC on 16 August 2010. Lisa brought with her 20 years experience in administration and is a valuable asset to GWC. Lisa is currently filling the position of Corporate Services Manager and Company Secretary during the transition to Operations Manager now that the new Corporate Services Manager has been appointed. She is keen to develop and enhance her existing knowledge of the GWC's asset base and operations.

Julie Hanson - Administration Assistant

Julie commenced work with GWC in October 2019. Julie has lived in Carnarvon for approximately 5 years and loves it. She is born and bred in Western Australia and loves the quiet lifestyle of Carnarvon. Please make Julie feel welcome to the GWC Team when you come into the office.

Justin Murphy - Acting Operations Manager

Justin Murphy was engaged by GWC to review the Asset Management System and compile comprehensive Asset Registers for the Northern Gascoyne River borefields (NRB10 & NRB16) and the Gascoyne Water Distribution Line (GWDL). Justin comes with a lifetime of experience and knowledge of systems and processes and is providing valuable skills to enhance GWC's Asset Management System. Since the departure of Alan Tyler, Justin has been appointed Acting Operations Manager to ensure continunity of the Asset Management System which is a requirement of the GWC Water Services Licence.