Water Quality

All water supplied via the Gascoyne irrigation pipeline is raw untreated non-potable water and is supplied for the irrigation of crops and watering of stock and garden only. The water fed into the scheme is sourced from two borefields the Northern borefield (owned by GWAMCO and operated by GWC) on the northern bank of the Gascoyne River and the Southern Borefield (managed by Water Corporation) on the Southern side of the river.

As part of its licence requirements GWC samples annually all the production bores in the Northern borefield and obtains NATA accredited analysis results on the water produced from this borefield. Water Corporation also tests the raw water produced from the Southern borefield reports of which GWC receive from time to time when requested.

Most Current Water Quality Test Results
Northern Borefield Water Analysis Reports 2021

Combined 2021 Annual Water Sampling Certificate of Analysis

Southern Borefield QUALITY CONTROL REPORTS 2021

Water Corporation Southern Borefield Water Quality Report 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021