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Gascoyne Water Asset Mutual Co-operative Ltd (GWAMCO)

Irrigating the future

Gascoyne Water (GWC) is an Irrigation Water Service Provider located in Carnarvon, Western Australia. The business has been operated by the local growers since it was transferred from Government ownership in 2001.

The ownership of the Distribution Assets was transferred in 2004. Gascoyne Water Co-operative supplies local growers with irrigation water and also distributes stock and garden water to lifestyle blocks in the community.

Water is extracted from borefields upstream (east) of the plantations. Water Corporation runs the borefield on the south of the river, while the co-op runs the one on the north.

Structurally we are made up of two private irrigator cooperatives: one to own and manage the infastructure assets (Gascoyne Water Asset Mutual Co-operative); and one to manage the irrigation business (Gascoyne Water Co-operative).

Annual Reports

Over the last 12 months, GWC has demonstrated our stability and resilience, our ability to negotiate firmly with government, as well as our ability to retain and attract staff in one of the most challenging labour markets we have seen in recent years.

We end this year even stronger and better positioned to be able to deliver water in a sustainable and more cost-effective way to our members.

The Team

Domenico Condo (Member Director & Chair)

Mr. Domenico Condo boasts an impressive history of leadership within the GWC organisation, horticulture industry, and the local community. Mr. Condo’s involvement traces back to the Steering Committee that lead to the incorporation of GWC in 2001. Mr. Domenico Condo served on the inaugural Board of Directors with his dedication spanning 15 years, including Chairing the organisation for 8 years.

Mr. Condo has been accumulating horticulture knowledge and experience since the early 1970s. His expertise extends to water trading and management schemes, shaped by his business endeavors in the Mildura district of Victoria. Notably, he steered a failing business to remarkable heights, transforming it into a successful producer of premium grapes, citrus, beans, carrots, melons, and other vegetables. This achievement culminated in him winning the inaugural Victorian New Business of the Year Award in 1994. Mr. Condo also developed a thriving business in Carnarvon, starting from scratch in 1995 and evolving it into a table grape production facility spanning four sites. Mr. Condo is also a dedicated contributor to the Carnarvon community, actively participating in various business and community Boards and Committees since his arrival.

Denis Durmanich (Member Director)

Mr. Denis Durmanich, a second-generation grower in the Carnarvon Horticultural area, manages a diverse portfolio of businesses in the region, specialising in the cultivation of melon, capsicum, and zucchini. He is a valuable figure bringing leadership, expertise, and a dedication to fostering growth and sustainability within the region.

Mr. Durmanich has successfully completed a Co-operative Directors Course offered by the Australian Institute of Co-operative Directors, highlighting his dedication to acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge required to contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd. As a Director and Chairman of Gascoyne Gold Pty Ltd, Mr. Durmanich oversees a vital entity that addresses the sorting, packing, and freight requirements of growers. Through this position, he plays a crucial role in supporting and enhancing the operational aspects of the local horticultural community.

Anthony Vrankovich (Member Director)

Mr. Anthony Vrankovich is a second-generation farmer with an extensive background in the Carnarvon Horticultural District. His expertise in cultivating crops such as grapes, watermelon, and pumpkin reflect not only a deep understanding of horticulture but also a commitment to sustainable and diverse farming practices.

He was an integral part of the Carnarvon Irrigation Steering Committee and played a vital role in shaping the region’s irrigation landscape. His commitment to the community is exemplified by his role as a Director of GWAMCO since 2021, where he actively contributes to the co-operative’s mission of serving its members. Mr. Vrankovich’s dedication to the local community is further evident through his nine-year service on the Carnarvon Growers Association Committee. 

As a Founding Member and Director/Owner of Gascoyne Gold Pty Ltd for over two decades, Mr. Vrankovich has demonstrated remarkable leadership and business acumen. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Vrankovich is known for championing community issues. His active involvement in various committees and boards underscores his passion for fostering a thriving and collaborative community. With a track record marked by both longevity and impact, Mr. Anthony Vrankovich stands as a respected figure in Carnarvon’s horticultural landscape, embodying excellence in leadership, agriculture, and community advocacy.

TBA (Company Secretary)

Current Company Secretary for GWAMCO Ltd is TBA

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