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Gascoyne Water (GWC) is an Irrigation Water Service Provider located in Carnarvon, Western Australia. The business has been operated by the local growers since it was transferred from Government ownership in 2001.

The ownership of the Distribution Assets was transferred in 2004. Gascoyne Water Co-operative supplies local growers with irrigation water and also distributes stock and garden water to lifestyle blocks in the community.

Annual Reports

Over the last 12 months, GWC has demonstrated our stability and resilience, our ability to negotiate firmly with government, as well as our ability to retain and attract staff in one of the most challenging labour markets we have seen in recent years.

We end this year even stronger and better positioned to be able to deliver water in a sustainable and more cost-effective way to our members.

Carnavon to Brickhouse Pump Station

Gascoyne Water Co-operative Ltd  ABN 32 590 776 789  
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