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Terms & Conditions

Power authorised to Gascoyne Water Co-Operative Ltd
and obligations of Coral Coast Water P/L customers.

Certain powers of authority are granted to the licensee in order for them to supply a water service to your property. We are authorised to enter a place without consent, notice or warrant to read a meter connected to our water service works;

Customer’s are required to maintain the area around the meter. Please Click Here to see more about maintaining access to the meter.

Coral Coast Water P/L may also under section 95(1)(b) of the Water Services Act 2012, cut off or reduce the rate of flow of a supply of water if the service charges remain unpaid for 30 days after they become due. Coral Coast Water P/L will notify a customer in writing prior to the water service being disconnected as part of their Debtor Procedure.

Planned and unplanned interruptions of water supply or other incidents may also affect the provision of water services. Where a planned interruption is scheduled Coral Coast Water P/L will notify the customer prior to the interruption informing them of the date, time and expected duration. It is imperative that customer’s keep their contact details up-to-date so that we can notify them. The best and most efficient method of notification is SMS to your mobile, email or fax with ‘snail’ mail being the slowest method. Please see Julie at our front counter should you wish to update your details or email her on

Access to Meters

GWC are authorised by our license under section 129 of the Water Services Act 2012, to enter a place without consent, notice or warrant to read a meter connected to our water service works.

All members of GWC/GWAMCO are obligated to keep their meter and telemetry tower clear and accessible. Please Click Here to see more about your responsibility of maintaining access to the meter.

Disconnection or Reduced Flow

GWC are also authorised under the Act to charge interest, disconnect or reduce the flow of water if water service charges are left unpaid for an unreasonable time after the payment due date.

GWC do not want to disconnect or reduce flow to any of our members but if you do not pay your water service charges we cannot keep supplying you with free water while everyone else pays for it. All disconnections are a last resort. GWC are prepared to enter into a payment plan arrangement with a grower going through financial difficulties or cash flow problems. Payment plan arrangements must to realistic, be able to reduce arrears at the same time as keeping up with current quarterlies and monthly usage bills, and once agreed to must be adhered to otherwise disconnection procedures are recommenced. GWC has authority to disconnect or reduce flow even if a member is offered a payment plan or other arrangement under which they are given more time to pay or to pay arrears or if the member does not comply with the plan or other arrangement. GWC will issue a Notice of Proposed Limitation or Discontinuation of Services prior. A Disconnection/Reconnection fee of $500 will be billed to you on reconnection of your service. This fee is due and payable immediately.

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your water bills please make an appointment to discuss your circumstances with our General Manager so that a payment plan arrangement can be formulated.

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