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Water Trading

To assist our members in trading water, please see the below water trading register. Negotiations are carried out between the buyers and sellers and Gascoyne Water has no part in the pricing of water. 

Members who wish to trade water are required to register their details with GWC and sign an interest in trading water form. This allows information, such as their name, to be made publicly available. We are able to accept forms in person or over the phone. Give us a call on 9941 4488 to be added to the below list.

GWC Members who wish to sell water can pre-sign a water trading form for the volume they wish to sell. Members are required to set the price for the water they are selling before signing the trading form. Once a buyer is found, payment can be processed through GWC or directly to the seller. 

Please note: If members use this method the trade will be applied at the time the buyer signs and leaves payment in the office. The seller is responsible to inform GWC if the trade falls through.

Temporary Water Trades - 2024 Season

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Permanent Water Trade Offers

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How does Water Trading work?

All members who have water in excess of their requirements are able to temporarily trade part of their allocation with another member. Members are required to hold a minimum of 5000Kl. The negotiations for temporary water trades is carried out between members who agree on the price and quantity of water to be traded. 

Temporary trading is a way for growers to recoup some of their annual water charges, and allow water to be used by someone who may need it. GWC are happy to assist growers to ensure the trading process is simple and easy. If a grower wishes to buy temporary water, they can notify GWC of their needs and, wherever possible, we will match any requests to buy water with an offer to sell water. 

If a grower wishes to sell temporary water and doesn’t have a buyer, they can notify GWC who can add them to the above list of growers who have expressed interest in temporary water. You set the price, negotiate the deal, and arrange the payment between yourselves. 

Please see our water trading rules for further information.

Please note: Please be aware that if you are buying/selling any water and you have outstanding accounts with GWC or GWAMCO, you will be required to pay off those accounts in full. Unless agreed with GWC Management, the monies raised from your temporary sale must be put towards your outstanding account.

If you are a buyer and have outstanding accounts, unless you are on a payment plan arrangement, the trade may not be processed until those debts are cleared. GWC have the right, as outlined in the Rules, to decline the processing of any water trade if any accounts are outstanding by either the buyer or the seller. It is the growers responsibility to ask upon enquiring and GWC will not be held liable if a trade is not processed and a grower is out-of-pocket for the water.

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