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Billing Information

Water Delivery

Please click on the below links for a copy of GWC’s Annual Water Delivery rates & charges & GWAMCO’s Annual Infrastructure rates & Charges.

Membership: To become a member of GWC or GWAMCO you need to meet the membership criteria. Qualifications for membership are set out in the GWC or GWAMCO Rules under Division 3.

Meters & Supply Point Costs: The cost of a meter and supply point associated with a new connection varies depending on the installation (e.g. the distance the property is from the main distribution line, size of land area etc.) All costs would be the responsibility of the applicant and a quote would be provided upon request.

Gascoyne Water staff may have to estimate meters during some meter runs, for more information about meter estimations you review our policy and procedures or contact GWC staff on 9941 4488.

Other Charges & Exemptions

There are currently no exemptions, discounts, rebates or concessions available on the above water delivery charges or Asset Contributions.

Please note: The above charges apply to “member” of GWC & GWAMCO only. Please see section for stock & garden/commercial charges if you are a customer of Coral Coast Water.

Bill Reviews

For more information on requesting a Bill Review please Click Here for further information or contact GWC staff on 9941 4488.

Water Meter Testing

If you wish your water meter be tested for accuracy, you can request a test by clicking the button below and completing the request form.
Should you require further information please contact GWC staff on 9941 4488.

Payment Methods

GWC accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer (Preferred)
  • Credit card
  • personal cheques
  • bank cheques made out to the respective co-operative.

Direct deposit into our nominated bank accounts either via your internet banking facility or by visiting the local ANZ branch. Please put your surname/business name in as a reference. If only numbers are permitted please use your property ID # found on your Water Statement.

Credit card either over-the-phone or over-the-counter is accepted. *Please bear in mind if using a Debit card over-the-phone it will incur the % surcharge along with the transaction fee as it acts like a credit card. If you want to avoid fees on your debit card you will have to come to the office to pay.

If you are paying GWC using the debit/cheque or savings account option on your card you will incur a 5 cent transaction fee* in addition to the amount you are paying. If you are paying GWC using the credit option on your card, you will incur a 1.75% surcharge calculated on the amount you are paying in addition to the 5 cent transaction fee.

Credit card fees are charged to GWC by their Financial Institution and are passed onto customers on a cost recovery basis only.

Currently there are no exemptions, discounts, rebates or concessions applicable to the water delivery charges.

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your water bills please make an appointment to discuss your circumstances with our General Manager so that a payment plan arrangement can be formulated.

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