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Bill Review
Policy & Procedure


Coral Coast Water Pty Ltd (CCW) now has a bill review policy for customers who would like to review their bill and believe they may have been overcharged.


CCW’s bill review policy is to ensure our customers are not being charged an inflated rate.


This policy applies to all CCW customers.


If a customer has reason to believe they have been overcharged, they have the right to now request a formal bill review. The procedure for a formal bill review is as follows.

  • A CCW customer brings to our attention that they feel they have been overcharged.
  • CCW then determines what may have caused the overcharge. Examples include but are not limited to; meter reading errors, administration errors, leaking water works, manual calculations, incorrect tariff charges and general misunderstandings.
  • CCW then consults the customer with their findings and between the two parties agrees on a reasonable action. This can include but is not limited to estimating meter usages, repairs on water works or account adjustments.
  • The accounts in question are all rectified and the customer is happy with the outcome they must sign a copy of the bill review.
  • A copy of all documentation is given to the customer for their records.
  • If a customer is unsatisfied by the outcome of the bill review they should lodge a formal complaint with Gascoyne Water Co-Operative please refer to the customer complaints policy and procedure for further information.

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