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Meter Access

Keeping Your Meter Clear & Accessible

It is important that your meter is unobstructed and easily and safely accessible by our meter readers.  

You can make this easy for us by:

  • Clearing overgrown plants/debris 
  • Clearing excess sand and mulch  

If there is a dog on your property our meter readers may not be able to enter to read the meter so your water use will be estimated.  If you have a locked gate our meter readers will not be able to enter your property to read the meter so your water use will be estimated.  

It is a requirement that we have access to your meter and are able to read your meter each month.  

Our meter readers usually read the meter on the last working day of the month so we kindly request that you ensure your meter is accessible on this day.  Your water meter should be clear a 300mm around every side and have at least 1200mm of open air above with a clear and unobstructed path to the meter.  Remember we not only need to get to your meter to read it, we also need to access your meter for repairs and maintenance.  

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in keeping your meter clear and accessible. 

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